How to Fix HP Printer Issues After Windows 10 Update?

Are you unable to print or scan from an HP printer after Windows 10 update or upgrade? Then you have to follow the solutions below to fix your printer.

First of all, restart your printer and your computer and connect them to the same wifi network. If the problem remains there, you need to check the compatibility of your printer with the Windows 10 operating system.

Examine HP Printer compatibility issues with Windows 10

Some old HP printers are not compatible with Windows 10 platform. It may throw errors if used on the Windows 10 operating system. So, click on the below document link to check whether your printer model is compatible with Windows 10 version or not.

Check Windows 10 compatible printers

Note:- If you found the printer is compatible with Windows 10. Then download and run the HP print and scan doctor tool to discover and fix printer issues.

Download and install updated HP printer driver and software

If it is still not working after the update. Then follow one of the following document links, which depends on the driver installed on your system.

[For printers manufactured before 2010] HP Solution Center not working

Are you facing the below-mentioned issues after upgrading to Windows 10 operating system?

  • HP Solution Center not working. It might be missing or not unable to open precisely.
  • HP Solution Center cannot run, or Scan is busy or in use error on a printer connected to the network.

Follow the troubleshooting tips from the document, which help in fixing HP Solution Center stopped working.

[For printers manufactured after 2009] HP Printer Assistant not working

When you upgrade to Windows 10, a printer setup and software window screen will prompt rather than settings and tool view when you open the HP Printer assistant. Moreover, the printer icon will be missing from the Devices and Printers folders. It does not matter if you have previously installed and set up printer software- this issue might occur after all.

Go through the following linked document to troubleshoot if the HP Printer Assistant not working accurately after Windows 10 update or upgrade.

If the problem persists after implementing all the appropriate solutions, then try to restore your system. To do so, you need to access the recovery options from one of the device storage.

For more details:- Click here.

Furthermore, you can avail of the expert’s help by requesting a callback or through the live chat option. Experts are accessible every time to help the valuable users.