What If the HP Printer Cannot Connect to the Network?

When your HP printer fails to connect, you should inspect the network connection and check setup requirements. Following are the ways one can perform to get your printer connected to the network:

  • Check if your printer is in sleep mode or offline: Sometimes your HP printer shows Offline status even if it is active. Use the Power button or tap the printer touchscreen to wake up the printer.
  • Inspect the printer WiFi signal: If your printing device has a light located next to the Wireless button or icon, make sure it is on. If required, you can examine the wireless settings to be sure that the signal is powered on.
  • Restart your printer: As you restart your printer, it clears up the possible errors and restores your WiFi connection.
  • Check your network connection: Place your computer/mobile and printer closer to the WiFi modem. Then, check if the quality of the signal improved. Verify this by opening a web page. If your WiFi is still slow, disconnect the power cords and restart the router. Make sure you wait for 15 seconds before reconnecting the WiFi.
  • Print a test report: Search for the self-test pages based on your HP printer model and evaluate the report.

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