Why Is My HP Deskjet 3520 Not Printing Black Ink?

Today morning I was trying to print some documents on my HP Deskjet 3520 printer but my printer not printing black color properly. It is printing very light black or (grey color) ink on paper. After that, I examined the black color cartridge inside the printer. I found that it is filled because a few days ago my husband changed it. I do not know how to resolve this problem. Please help me out.
Response by [Kelvin Morton]
Thank you, Miss, for describing the issue in detail. This error occurs because of cartridges of another brand, clogging in printheads, outdated drivers, and wrong paper settings. Therefore, I will suggest you, please use genuine HP ink cartridges if you’re using non-HP cartridges. Next, try the automated printhead cleaning process, update the HP printer firmware driver software, and align the printer correctly.
Please follow the complete guide to resolve HP printer not printing black ink.