HP Print and Scan Doctor Software

Click on the below link to download HP Print and Scan Doctor tool for Windows to fix printing issues.

print and scan doctor tool

Guide to Use HP Print and Scan Doctor on Windows

  • First, download the file.
  • Now you supposed to run the”exe” file from the download folder.
  • Once done, then open HP Print and Scan Doctor and click on Start.
  • Next, you have to choose your printer from the list.
  • Unable to locate your printer, then first turn it ON, then click on the retry button.
  • If there is any connectivity issue, then follow the instructions from the tool to continue.
  • Now there will be two options available on your window Fix Printing or Fix Scanning. So, click on Fix printing.
  • There will be following icons of the test results shown to you:
right tick Right tick or checkmark means your printer passed the test.
Settings sign A setting icon shows there was a problem, and it is fixed now.
Notify Sign An exclamatory sign shows testing failed and fixing skipped.
Wrong Alert Sign A red cross sign shows there is a problem with the printer. So, follow the instructions to fix it.
A shortcut to the tool will be created on your desktop window.

Resolve Printer Offline Using HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Firstly, open HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. Now click on Start.
  • Next, you need to choose your printer.
  • Make sure your printer is ON.
  • If your printer not listed, then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Click on Yes and continue if the screen prompts with a message to Turn ON printer updates.
  • Click on Yes and continue if the screen prompts a message to set your printer as the default printer.
  • If you still face the offline problem, then follow the complete guide to fix HP Printer Offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are frequently asked questions on using the HP Print and Scan Doctor software tool.

What to do If HP Printer and Scan Doctor cannot find my printer?

If HP print and scan doctor is unable to locate or find your printer then you need to check the connections. Make sure you examine the wireless, wired, or USB connection to get rid of this error message.

I have already installed the printer software tool. Why do I need to install it again?

Maybe your software tool is outdated. This tool can detect missing printer software or problems that might be resolved by installing the updated version of the tool. If you continue facing the same issue after installing the software then you can talk with experts through live chat for help.