How to Access HP Printer Settings & Management Tools with WiFi Direct Network?

To use a WiFi-Direct connection to access the HP printer settings and management tools on your mobile or computer, you can read the following instructions:

Steps to access the HP printer settings and management tools

  • Move your printer close to the computer.
  • Power on your printer.
  • Make sure you have loaded enough papers and the ink cartridges are properly installed.
  • Collect the WiFi Direct Details such as name and password.
    • Printers with a Touchscreen: Select the Direct WiFi icon. This will let you see the name and password. Alternatively, open the Reports menu and print the Network Configuration page. From here, you can view the WiFi Details.
    • Printers without a Touchscreen: Start printing the Help page to view the WiFi Direct name & password.
    • For printing the page, make sure you use a method that can match the control panel options on the printer.
    • Select the Information button.
    • Press & hold the WiFi Direct icon for about 3 seconds.
    • Now, use the Information + WiFi Direct buttons together.
    • Then, press & hold the Resume option until you see the report printing.
    • Those who have HP Tango, DeskJet 6000 & 6400, and HP Envy 6000 & 6400 printers can press down the Information icon until it lightens up all the control panel icons. Then, use the Information + Cancel buttons together.
  • After this, access the wireless or WiFi settings on your PC or phone.
  • Click the name of WiFi Direct name and type the password to connect to your printer.
  • Now, launch the internet browser and enter in the address field.
  • If you see the certificate or login window, finish the details.
    • When you see the security certificate, select Continue. This will open the homepage of your printer.
    • In case you see the login window then type admin as username and enter your PIN. You can find this PIN on the label placed underneath or back of your HP printer. The password set by the admin can also be used here. This will successfully open the homepage.

How to find HP printer wifi password

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