How to Solve Error Code UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 on HP Printers?

During the HP printer setup, many users confront an unexpected error with the message “We’re sorry, something went wrong”. This might also come up with error codes such as UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001. If you are having the same issue, some repair methods can help you to solve this.

Top 7 ways to fix error codes UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 on HP printers

To quickly resolve UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 error codes on an HP printer, you can try disconnecting your printer from the online HP platform and HP Smart app.

If you still don’t see any improvements, reset all the preserved settings of your printer. Also, check if your HP printer firmware is installed with the latest versions. If not, you need to update them immediately.

Similarly, you can implement other troubleshooting methods that will help you to remove stubborn errors due to which printer registration is failing. Let’s go through each fix with details steps:

Fix 1: Remove your printer from the online HP account

To avoid UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 error codes, you can disconnect your printer from the online HP account. For this, you can execute the following steps:

  • Go to the My Printers section.
  • Select Remove Printer.
  • When you see the Please Confirm box, select Remove.
  • Then, select Sign Out.

Please note if you have another printer registered to the online HP account, you need to click on the Change Settings and repeat the same procedure we shared above.

Fix 2: Disconnect the printer from the HP smart app

HP Smart app is quite convenient to use. It lets you print, set up, scan, and share documents. However, connecting the printer to the HP Smart app might become the reason that you are facing unexpected errors during the printer registration or setup.

To confirm this, you can try removing the printer from your app. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, close the app if it is opened.
  • Restart the HP Smart app.
  • Go to the Home page and click on the Forget this Printer option.
forget this printer button on HP OJ pro 9020
  • If you are an iOS or Android user, tap and hold on to the printer’s name and click Forget this printer.
  • Those who are using Windows and macOS can click right on the name of the printer and hit the Forget this printer button.

As you disconnect your HP printer from the HP Smart app, you can continue setting up the printer. If it still prompts any error code, this indicates the issue is caused by something else. So, try a different method.

Fix 3: Log in to the HP Smart online platform

By logging into your online HP account, you can check the status on your dashboard. The orange banner on the dashboard will allow you to decide whether you need to remove your printer from the HP account or restore the factory defaults on the HP printer.

Let’s understand how you can sign in to the HP Smart online platform:

  • Visit the HP Smart website.
  • Click on the Sign-in button.
  • Enter your Username.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Hit the Sign In button.

[1] If you find the HP+ in the orange banner on the dashboard, you can perform the restore factory defaults.

HP Plus window welcome screen

[2] If you don’t see the HP+ in the orange banner, you need to restore factory defaults on the HP printer.

Account Dashboard My Printers

[3] In case you don’t see the dashboard with HP+ orange banner then remove your printer from the HP account.

Remove printer to fix error UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001

With these steps, you will get the idea if you need to remove your printer or perform a factory reset on the HP printer.

Fix 4: Reset the printer settings to resolve UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 errors

Preserved settings and preferences of your printer often create issues. As a result, you confront a message stating We’re sorry, something went wrong during the printer setup. By performing the restore factory defaults method, you can easily get rid of such an error.

Perform restore factory defaults (for touchscreen HP printer)

  • Open the Control Panel of your printer.
  • Go to the Settings icon.
  • Open the Printer Maintenance option.
  • Choose the Restore option.
  • Then, select Restore Factory Defaults.
  • When you see the confirmation prompt, select Continue.
Perform restore factory defaults (for non-touchscreen HP printer)
  • Open EWS on your phone or PC.
    • If you open EWS by using the HP Smart app, tap on the Advanced Settings menu.
    • In case you are opening EWS through the printer IP address then select the Information icon. It will print a Printer Information or Network Configuration Page.
    • After this, you can look for the IP address through the available options.
    • Here, you need to add the IP address to the internet browser.
    • Press the Enter key.
  • If it prompts, type the printer admin password or PIN. You may check the PIN on the printer’s label.
  • After this, access the EWS page.
  • Go to the System or Settings tab.
  • Move to the Services or Restore Defaults field.
  • Select the Restore Factory Defaults option.

Once done, you can let the reset procedure finish. These instructions will help you to successfully reset all the previous settings and preferences you applied to your HP printer.

Fix 5: Verify the printer firmware update to fix error codes UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001

According to HP, it is important to keep your printer firmware up-to-date to avoid UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 error codes. Therefore, you should check if your printer firmware has the latest version installed. To check the firmware update, you can do the following:

  • Navigate to the Advanced or Settings menu.
  • Click on the Advanced Settings.
  • Select the Web Services or Tools option.
  • If it prompts, you can enter the PIN or password, make sure you type the same PIN as specified on the printer label. The label can be found on the back of your printer or you can check inside your printer. Similarly, the password should be the same as set by the printer administrator.
  • Once done, select Product Update or Printer Updates.
  • Now, hit the Check Now button.

This is how you can check if your printer firmware is installed with the latest version. If not, you should upgrade them to avoid UU_400_EB000U0004 or OW_500_OWSID00001 error codes.

Fix 6: Disconnect VPN and connect to the internet

To get rid of OW_500_OWSID00001 and UU_400_EB000U0004 error codes, you can try disconnecting from the VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the Windows PC.

  • First of all, you need to verify if you are connected to any VPN. If yes, disconnect the VPN.
  • Now, you can get connected to the active internet with strong strength.

Once you are done removing the VPN and connecting to the internet, you can set up the HP+ printer. This will surely work.

Fix 7: Finish the printer setup in your HP Smart app

When you see the error window stating We’re sorry, something went wrong with the OW_500_OWSID00001 error code, you should try finishing this setup through the HP Smart app. To do so, check out the following steps:

  • When you see the error message, select the Exit Setup button.
  • Then, go to the Homepage where you will find your printer, and select the Finish Setup button.

After that, you can continue following the instructions given on the screen. This way you can easily complete the setup of your printer through the HP Smart app.

To conclude

Printer registrations can fail due to numerous reasons. If you are not sure about its key reason, execute the aforementioned methods. These solutions will help you to solve the  OW_500_OWSID00001 and UU_400_EB000U0004 error codes. Once the error is solved, you can easily finish the printer setup.

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