What to do Mac Cannot Find My HP Printer?

Please follow the troubleshooting tips listed below if your Mac-based computer or laptop does not list or add your HP printer.

Check your HP Printer for Network Connection

  • Firstly, examine the wireless or settings menu from the printer control panel or print a network configuration page.
  • Next, you need to ensure that your printer connected to the local Wi-Fi network correctly.

Check your Mac Computer or Laptop for Network Connection

  • At first, click on the network icon on your Mac device.
  • Next, ensure that your Mac device connected to your local Wi-Fi network accurately.

Check your Mac device for System Updates

  • First, open the Apple menu and click on System Preferences.
  • Now click on Software Update to make sure that your computer or laptop device can download the latest printer software.

Update your HP Printer Firmware

  • Go to the official website then look for HP Software and Driver Downloads page on the menu bar.
  • Now search and download firmware updates for your printer model and number.

Restart your Wi-Fi router, Mac Computer or Laptop, and HP Printer

  • Unplug your Wi-Fi router from the wall mount.
  • Turn off your HP printer device.
  • Close all the running programs on your Mac computer or laptop and shut it down.
  • Now connect the power cable of the Wi-Fi router to the wall socket.
  • At the same time turn on your HP printer and Mac computer or laptop.
  • Finally, ensure that your HP printer and Mac device successfully connected to the same local Wi-Fi network.

Reset the Printing Mechanism of your HP Printer

  • Firstly you need to open the Apple menu then click on the System Preferences.
  • Next, you need to click on Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners.
  • Now you are supposed to press right-click or Ctrl+ click anywhere in the Printers list and then click on the Reset Printing System.
  • Finally, restart your HP printer and then click on the plus sign to re-add your printer to the Mac computer.

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