Why is Adobe Flash Player Not Working in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10?

Adobe Flash Player has been an essential component for web browsing, enabling multimedia content on various websites. However, users may encounter issues when trying to use Adobe Flash Player in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Several factors could contribute to this problem, and understanding them is crucial for resolving the Adobe Flash player not working.

Possible causes of Adobe Flash player not working:

Outdated Adobe Flash player:

Ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Because outdated versions may not be compatible with the Microsoft Edge browser, leading to functionality issues.

Browser settings:

Microsoft Edge has built-in security features that may block Adobe Flash content by default. So, check your browser settings to ensure that Flash Player running mode ON.

Microsoft Edge updates:

Ensure that your Microsoft Edge browser is up to date. Compatibility issues between an outdated browser and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player can result in malfunction.

Plugin permissions:

Confirm that Adobe Flash Player enabled as a plugin in Microsoft Edge. Sometimes, the plugin may be disabled, preventing Flash content from running.

Troubleshooting steps for Adobe Flash player:

Update Adobe Flash player:

Visit the official Adobe website and download the latest version of Flash Player. So, follow the installation instructions to ensure a successful update.

Check browser settings:

Open Microsoft Edge settings and navigate to the “View advanced settings” section. Moreover, verify that the switch for “Use Adobe Flash Player” is turned on.

Update Microsoft Edge:

Go to the Microsoft Store and check for updates to ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge installed.

Manage plugins:

Access the Edge settings menu, click on “View advanced settings,” and then select “Manage” under “Adobe Flash Player.” Ensure that it is set to “Always allowed.”

By addressing these potential issues and following the troubleshooting steps, you can resolve Adobe Flash Player not working in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, restoring seamless multimedia experiences while browsing.

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