How Can I Connect My Newly Bought Printer to Wi-Fi?

I have just bought an HP Officejet series printer. I have also installed it and performed basic setups like setting preferences, cartridge installation, Paper loading, alignment, etc. After that, I downloaded the HP smart app and tried to connect it to wifi, but it is not listing my printer. Next, I restarted the printer but this time again “no luck”. My printer is OK, but it is not connected to my wifi network. I don’t know what is wrong with the Smart app or my computer. Please help me ASAP to do the Wi-Fi setup.
Response By- [Kelvin Morton]
No need to worry about it. Sir, you need to follow our blog guide to fix the HP Smart app. As a result, you can connect your HP printer to wifi easily. Moreover, you can also follow the guide for how to connect HP printer to wifi easily for the touchscreen control panel with the wireless setup wizard option. Please follow the notified instructions accurately.
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