How to Set Up a Wired Network HP Printer Using HP Smart on Windows

HP printer can be set up using wired network support. Once you successfully download the HP software and driver on Windows 10. Then use the Ethernet cable to connect your HP printer to the router device. To get more insights, follow this guide carefully to use a wired network for printer setup.

How to perform wired network printer setup?

You can easily set up the network-connected printer using the Ethernet cable By installing an HP print driver on your Windows computer.

First, you need to make sure you have a relevant Ethernet cable and router. Then, check if your computer is connected to the router. If not, connect it immediately. After this, connect HP printer to router with ethernet cable. Later, you can install the software to finish the wired network printer setup.

How to connect HP printer to wifi

Step 1: Preparing for the network connection and driver installation

Before you proceed with a wired network printer setup, it is necessary to collect the Ethernet cable and a network router with proper functionality. The following, are the requirements to set up the HP printer with wired network support:

  • Ensure you have a functioning router. It also should have Ethernet ports.
  • If your PC is not connected to the router, connect it now.
  • Besides, get the Ethernet cable.
Ethernet Cable& Phone Cable

Make sure you don’t use the standard phone cable which is narrow and has 2-6 wires. Remember the Ethernet cable has 8 wires and is wide in size.

Step 2: Connecting the printer to a wired network

To connect your printer to the wired network, one has to insert the Ethernet cable to the HP printer and router/hub/switch. This allows the printer to be easily found during installation.

  • Power on your printer.
  • Remove the protective cover or plug from the Ethernet port on the printer’s rear.
  • Now, connect an Ethernet cable to your HP printer and the available port on your router.
Wired Network Printer Setup HP

Now that you have connected the Ethernet cable to your HP printer and router, continue installing the software to complete the setup.

Step 3: Installing the software

To finish the wired network printer setup, you need to install the HP print driver. You can do this with two different methods. The first method requires you to download the HP Easy Start app. This enables users to connect to the wired network effortlessly while another method is manual where you need to download the full software package and finish the setup.

Download the HP Easy Start app

  • Visit the official website, enter the printer model, and pursue the on-screen prompts to download the driver. Based on your printer device model, it will download the HP Easy Start (guided driver installation) app.
    • If the HP Easy Start app successfully downloads, pursue the instructions displayed on your screen. This will open a download file to proceed with the setup. If prompted to select a Connection Type, choose Wired Network. After this, you don’t have to finish the remaining steps if the wired network setup is successful.
    • If you don’t find your printer model or the download fails then continue following the steps shared below.

Download the full software package

  • Visit the HP website, enter the printer model, and confirm the version of your operating system.
  • Select Printer, if you receive any prompt to recognize your product.
  • Then, type the printer model number.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • The software app results page for your HP printer appears with a default operating system selected. If you prefer to change your operating system, select the Change button, choose the version, and click Change.
  • From the Driver heading, select the Download button for a full software package. Alternatively, you can choose the Basic Drivers option for other driver options.
  • If it prompts then select the printer connection option by an installer and choose Wired Network. Then, continue to finish the setup.

After successfully connecting your HP printer to the wired network support, you can attempt to scan, fax, or print based on the printer’s functionality.

To wind up

Users can set up the HP printer using a USB, Ethernet cable, and WiFi network. To connect your HP printer to wired network support, you can connect HP printer to router with ethernet cable. Later, you can install the software to finish the setup.

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