How to Change HP Printer Wrong Paper Size Error?

There can be scenarios when your HP printer says wrong paper size error or printing is too large or too small. Your printer makes such mistakes when the copy size settings are incorrect. As a result, the HP printer detecting wrong size paper error.

By loading the paper stack correctly and configuring the printer settings, you can change the HP printer wrong paper size error. Therefore, your printer will print pages with the actual size.

Recommendation: Connect with a technician via live chat because they know the various causes behind this problem very precisely and the most appropriate solution to fix it.

HP printer wrong paper size error

Fix 1: Reload papers correctly to change HP Printer wrong paper size

HP printer wrong paper size error directly indicates that you have not loaded the paper correctly. Make sure you load the papers correctly into the HP printer to change the wrong print size.

HP printer says out of paper but it has paper

Read the following instructions to reload the papers:

  • To proceed, take out the paper stack from an input tray.
  • Then, reload the papers. At this point, you need to make sure that the width of the paper rests gently against the edges of the paper stack.
reloading paper stack
  • Now, you will see the message on the control panel of your printer to confirm the paper size and type. Select OK if you find the size perfect. Otherwise, you can tap on the Modify or Change option to update the paper settings.

Once you are done loading the papers into the input tray correctly, you can continue printing pages through your printer. If it is still printing pages incorrectly such as small or large papers, you can switch to another resolution.

Fix 2: Change paper size or copy size settings on HP printers

By changing the copy size settings, you can fix the HP printer wrong paper size printing issues. All you have to do is reduce or enlarge the size of the copies from the control panel of the HP printer.

Note: Some printers with no control panel screen might use default copy settings. This setting cannot be modified. However, if you want to improve the print quality or print speed or change the paper size, you can scan the original documents and edit the settings using the HP scanning software. Later, you can print multiple copies of your scanned photo or document.

HP printer is printing very slowly

To change the paper size or copy size settings, you can go through the following steps:

  • Tap on the Copy, Copy Photo, or Copy Document option on the control panel of the HP printer.
  • Then, select the available basic settings that match the copy job.
  • After this, tap the Gear icon or Settings option. This will open the options for the copy job settings.
Edit paper and print settings
  • Now, scroll down and update the following copy settings:
    • Size or Resize: Change the copy size. These options can also include a custom size between 25-50% of the original size, a list of presets, Actual Size, and Fit to Page settings.
    • Change Paper Size: Select the photo or plain paper size for the copies, or choose the Automatic option. Doing so, your printer will automatically detect the paper loaded in the tray.
    • Paper Type: Determine the type of photo or plain paper for the copies.
    • Tray Selection: Choose the paper input tray with papers being used for the copies.
  • Then, select the Set as New Defaults or Save Current Settings option to preserve the settings for future copy jobs.

Change print settings on HP printers for Windows
How to change printer settings on Mac

Since you have change the correct settings for paper size, paper type, and paper tray, you can try printing pages using your HP printer.

In brief

HP printer prints wrong paper size error when the settings are misconfigured. You can fix this issue by loading the paper stack correctly and configuring the printer settings. If these steps don’t help, you can service your HP printer.

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