How to Replace Ink Cartridges for HP Tango and Tango X Printer

This article will guide you to perfectly replace the low or empty ink cartridges for HP Tango and Tango X printers.

HP Tango printers first time setup

  • Firstly turn ON your Tango printer and open the scanner lid.
Open scanner lid and load papers
  • Now load a stack of plain paper inside the input tray.
  • Ensure that the output tray or the wrap of the printer is extended.
  • Next, gently press the Ink door button to open the ink cartridge access door. Then lift the door until it snaps into its place.
Open ink cartridge door
  • Now you need to wait until the carriage stops moving or is in an idle state.
  • Now lift the ink cartridge latch upwards to release it and then remove the ink cartridge.
Removal of old ink cartridge
  • Next, you new to open the brand new packed ink cartridge from the box. You need to only touch the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Now you are supposed to remove the plastic tape from the ink cartridge. Then discard or recycle all the plastic tape and the packaging material.
remove plastic tape from cartridge

Note:- Make sure you avoid touching the copper color contacts or the ink nozzles because it may cause HP ink system failure, clogs, or bad electrical connections to the printer.

  • Now with the nozzles facing toward the printer, insert the ink cartridge into its slot. Then squeeze the ink cartridge until it snaps into its place.
Replace cartridge for tango printers
  • Repeat the above necessary steps to install all the other cartridges.
  • Now lower the ink cartridge access door and press it down gently to lock it into its place.
  • Finally, your printer will print an alignment page to align the ink cartridges.

Fix HP printer alignment unsuccessful problem

Frequently asked questions for HP tango printers to replace the ink cartridges

Which ink cartridges work with HP Tango and Tango X printers?

Black ink cartridge code64 Black and 64 XL Black
Color ink cartridge code64 Tri-color and 64 XL Tri-color

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