My HP Envy 5540 Keeps Saying Out of Paper- What to do?

[Nicholas Alleva] November 15, 2019
I don’t know what to do with the “out of paper” notification on my HP Envy 5440 printer. The papers are fully loaded inside the input tray. The complete machine is working fine (no disturbance noise, no problem with trays). Even, I have used the new set of papers for printing. I have been through so many troubleshooting guides to fix the problem but nothing works for me. Please help me to fix this problem.
Hello Nicholas, firstly you need to load only 25 sheets inside the input tray, and then check the control panel message. If the problem persists then you need to find any hindrance around the paper width guides if any and fix it if possible. Moreover, for precise solutions follow the article to fix HP Envy 5540 printer keeps saying out of paper.
By Technician-[Karen Scott]