How Can I Fix My HP Envy 4520 Not Printing Black Ink Properly?

[Clare Collins] October 20, 2019
It is very frustrating why my HP 4520 printer not printing black ink correctly. It is printing very blurry or grey. I have examined the ink level of the black color cartridges, and it is three-fourths filled. Sometimes it prints the blank pages. I do not know why my printer not printing well. Even I have updated windows and all the printer drivers and software. I must say, we are using genuine HP cartridges. Please help me with some troubleshooting guide to fix this printing issue.
Hello Clare, thanks for your query. This issue is fixable in some cases. You just have to follow the guide from our article post to resolve HP Envy 4520 not printing black ink. Make sure you follow the steps carefully. Avail of the technical assistance through live chat if needed.
By Technician- [Elvis Powell]